Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde · English

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: using images

We’ve been using images to stimulate inference and discussion about themes, messages, social and historical context. Here are some of the results.

We put single images on the desk and pupils moved round the class annotating. They then had a sheet containing all the images and selected the best ideas to add to their collection.

IMG_2032Notice how some of the images require a little  more abstract thinking – the labyrinth stands for the London streets which is a neat link but then is becomes more metaphysical – lost and confused referring to Jekyll’s state of mind. Fuseli’s nightmare got pupils thinking about a burden  – Hyde, for example. What I’m going to do next time is get pupils to compile their own images and pass them on to others in the group to annotate.


IMG_2029This one was used after reading ‘The Incident with the Letter’ and ‘The Remarkable Incident of Dr Lanyon’. The Chinese Box got the pupils thinking about the layers of narrative, letters within letters etc.


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