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More resources for GCSE English Language Paper 1

I’ve added several more resources into the dropbox folder for teaching GCSE English Language paper 1. Some of them I’ve already blogged about (see the links below) – but at least now  you can see the resources I used. What I’ve added:

  1. Lessons on language and structure using Du Maurier’s Don’t Look Now – I’ve included the PPT and the extract.
  2. A Q4 type lesson on Du Maurier’s The Birds (I was having a Daphne moment). This gets students to  look at language and structure and I did this through socratic talk (link below). I also used this with some teachers at a hub school meeting and it went down really well. Again, PPT and extract included.
  3. Several lessons on language and especially Q4 type work using Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. There is a PPT, the extracts and also some model answers. Sorry, I can’t ‘clip’ the scene from The Haunting: none of the software I’ve got on the mac will do it…

Again, I hope they’re of use. Here’s the dropbox link again…

Here are the links to previous blog posts:

Teaching the ‘critical evaluation’ question 4 on paper 1 AQA: part one – through Socratic talk

Teaching the critical evaluation question – The Haunting of Hill House

Question 3 Language

Don’t Look Now

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