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Spoken Language Independent Study

Year 11 – here are the slides from the lessons this week. Remember:

a) choose your articles carefully; don’t just print off Wikipedia. You need to have articles that have a clear point of view on the topic. (They don’t necessarily have to be opposing viewpoints, but it might help you in your comparisons).

b) when writing up your comparison, remember to include supporting quotation.

  • identify a clear point from the source A (the writer in source suggests that society is to blame for the pressures put on teenagers)
  • how does the writer present this point – what methods do they use?  (they refer to a report by a leading psychiatrist who says that up to 46% of teenagers have ….)
  • Make some inferences from this method (this suggests that …)
  • Comment on the effectiveness of this method and how it supports the writer’s viewpoint (by including this statistic, the writer encourages the reader to see that …)
  • Now look at source B – what is the writer’s viewpoint? How is it different/similar to source A?
  • Again, provide evidence, comment on a method, analyse for its effectiveness…


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