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Y11 Jekyll and Hyde revision posters from today’s session

Thank you all for a great revision session this afternoon. Your understanding of the novella is becoming more and more impressive. For your revision, try to build on what we did today:

  1. For each heading, find a 15-20 line section from the text. The ‘transformations’ group chose the ‘Regents Park’ section as an emblematic moment from the book.
  2. Think of three key moments from the extract that you feel are important. Look for quotations which encapsulate some of the vital themes, messages, ideas. What methods has Stevenson used in your chosen quotations? Analyse these for their effects.
  3. Now think of two or three things from the rest of the novella which link with the ideas you have explored in your chosen extract.  In the revision session, the ‘Transformations’ group made a really good point about Jekyll’s loss of control in Regents Park and how this links to Hyde’s murder of Carew…

A few of you asked if I could put the posters on the blog. Here they are.


One thought on “Y11 Jekyll and Hyde revision posters from today’s session

  1. Thank you for your superb resources and the excellent quotations for A Christmas carol and Macbeth. Have you got anything similar for An Inspector calls? I’m tutoring different specifications and you have been a massive help. Many thanks, Sue Fallon

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