Some lessons for GCSE English Language Paper 1

The link below will take you to a folder with some resources that I have put together based on GCSE English Language Paper 1, November 2018 (the ‘dinosaur paper’). The PPTs are focussed on the reading section: there are seven lessons with detailed advice on how to answer each question. There is also a lesson on reading the source, and each lesson comes with examplar responses, some from the mark scheme, some from students.

Hope they help. Any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “Some lessons for GCSE English Language Paper 1

  1. Hi, I’m really sorry – but I think somehow I have managed to delete the folders you shared in your recent email. I hope I’m wrong and I’m just being a technophobe but they have disappeared as I tried to move them into my OneDrive and I thought I should let you know. They were based on the dinosaur GCSE paper 1 English language. Hopefully it’s just my own inability to download and save and they are safe somewhere where you ca access them.

    Apologies if it’s necessary, Julia Allen

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