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Mood as a key concept in English: part one of three

A Contemplation of ‘Mood’ Whenever I think of the ‘mood’ of a text, I am reminded of The Fall of the House of Usher, for Edgar Allan Poe’s claustrophobic tale of premature burial, catatonic states, enervation, ennui, despair, and emotional as well as architectural decay, possesses a mood so utterly desolate that it is as… Continue reading Mood as a key concept in English: part one of three

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Lockdown Walking in Macbeth

  Walking. Now, I may be on to something here, because everyone is talking about walking. “The coronavirus lockdown has changed my relationship to walking” says journalist Cazz Blase, for whom this new delight in perambulation is aided by the reduction in traffic. Walking used to be something we just ‘did’; a functional necessity to… Continue reading Lockdown Walking in Macbeth

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NATE Conference material

Thank you to those who attended the ‘Using Film for Reading and Writing’ session at NATE today. For those who attended, I have uploaded the resources in Dropbox – email me (l.hanson@blueyonder.co.uk) and I will send you the link. I will make some of these resources available to others on an open link soon, but… Continue reading NATE Conference material

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Year 11 – writing for language paper 1 question 5

Here are some of the slides we will be using for our writing revision. Remember, that for this question you need to write imaginatively. There are two questions to choose from: one might be a description based on an image; the other might be to write a story. However, both questions might ask you to write… Continue reading Year 11 – writing for language paper 1 question 5

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Language paper 2 – viewpoints: The Internet – good or a bad thing?

Following on from the idea of using images to practise paper 2 question 2, I dug up this little gem from some old resources that I used to use for media studies. It uses the old AOL adverts for the internet (voiced by the late John Hurt). At the time, I found them really useful… Continue reading Language paper 2 – viewpoints: The Internet – good or a bad thing?

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Spoken Language Independent Study

Year 11 – here are the slides from the lessons this week. Remember: a) choose your articles carefully; don’t just print off Wikipedia. You need to have articles that have a clear point of view on the topic. (They don’t necessarily have to be opposing viewpoints, but it might help you in your comparisons). b)… Continue reading Spoken Language Independent Study

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Tickets, Please – the power of the preposition

I tried this extract – the opening to D.H. Lawrence’s Tickets, Please – with a small revision group. I chose it because of its long opening sentences which capture the breathless urgency of the trams that Lawrence describes (and become a character in themselves) in the text. Here’s the full text: This story, set during… Continue reading Tickets, Please – the power of the preposition

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Writing from the Moving Image

By now, you’ve probably worked out that I love to teach writing through moving images. Add that to my love of Hitchcock and it’s not a surprise that I will find any excuse to show a clip or two from his films to show how story-telling works. Last year, I taught a module on writing… Continue reading Writing from the Moving Image

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Layered writing resources

Thanks to some colleagues for pointing out the layered writing techniques used by Gavin McCusker – this blog here sets out the stages really clearly. If you follow my blog, you’ll see that I adapted these resources for polemical writing (see here: Using the layered writing technique for persuasive writing). I’ve now put the PPT I used and… Continue reading Layered writing resources

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Wise Blood – Flannery O’Connor

Just finished reading Flannery O’Connor’s southern gothic novel Wise Blood (also filmed by John Huston in 1979 and starring the wonderful Brad Dourif). Here’s the opening to the novel and some ideas about teaching structure and viewpoint.   Wise Blood – Flannery O’Connor (1952) This is the opening to a novel that is set in… Continue reading Wise Blood – Flannery O’Connor