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Redhill Y11 GCSE Revision Folder: April 2017

REVISED PPT for working through paper 2 is here



Right, to my 60 year 11 students (!!): here is the link to the revision folder which contains loads of resources including the recent lesson PPTs. I’ll be adding more ideas to this as we go on


I need to thank these people and cite their work – they are inspirational: – For the poetry revision booklet for the revision plan for loads of ideas plus the tips for paper 2 – for the paper 2 and paper 1 practice papers

ALSO- three great blogs – for inspiration, ideas and great teaching:

Thank you to all of the above for ideas and resources.



2 thoughts on “Redhill Y11 GCSE Revision Folder: April 2017

  1. Dear Lance,

    Thank you so very much! Really appreciate the resources.

    I feel I should buy you a bottle of wine or something at the very least… where are you?


    Mrs M. Morris,

    Assistant Headteacher,

    Priory Academy,

    Britain Street,



    LU5 4JA


    Telephone: 01582 661158 (ext 211)



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