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Revising poetry through acrostics?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em …. I’m going to try this in a revision lesson – here are a couple of examples – then get the students to work up their own for the other poems … It’s best to choose one word if possible, the shorter the better -an acrostic for The… Continue reading Revising poetry through acrostics?

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William Blake’s London

This lesson stands as a one off. We focused on exploring language through Blake’s use of iambic tetrameter (four iambic beats per line – unstressed/stressed) and how the metre was broken by trochees to draw our attention to particular words/lines. We also looked at Blake’s original version which contains some capitalised nouns that are not… Continue reading William Blake’s London

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A Postscript to The Prelude …

In a previous blog, we looked at comparing The Prelude with Storm on the Island – see here Here are some examples of the essays the students wrote in response to an exam type question: Example 1: notice how the student compares throughout using those ‘coat-hanger’ statements (“both poets…”) to hang the ideas off. The first paragraph could… Continue reading A Postscript to The Prelude …

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Comparing My Last Duchess with Ozymandias

Here are the slides from this week’s lessons. The PPT is available here: We began with a short refresher on the poem: The next lesson was centred on the use of structural features – caesura in particular, so it’s worth thinking about what we mean by structure and form. This analogy was useful: This was a… Continue reading Comparing My Last Duchess with Ozymandias